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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Better Nature Counselling. My name is Caroline Mattinson and I am a counsellor providing both short- and long-term therapy to adults and young people in Thirsk, Northallerton and Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

What issues can counselling help with?

People come to me for help with a wide range of issues. Here are a few of the more common difficulties that can be supported through counselling:


Problems with confidence or self-esteem


Relationship problems




Problems with addiction


Post-traumatic stress

Grief, loss or bereavement

Chronic pain

Critical illness

Panic attacks

Work or retirement issues


Family or school life


Separation and divorce

"Before I could release the weight of my sadness and pain, I first had to honour its existence."

Yung Pueblo


Are you looking for someone to trust and confide in, and somewhere where it feels safe to talk, express, and explore? You may have reached a point in your life where you feel that you need help to deal with something, understand it, or come to terms with it. Sometimes, you may not be able to pinpoint the reason behind your sense of unhappiness, or that feeling of being unable to cope. Sometimes, there isn't a name or heading for the way you feel, yet you do have the inkling that now might be the right time to do something about it.

Counselling can offer you that time and space. As a person-centred counsellor, I have a very strong belief in the positive nature of all human beings, and the uniqueness and worth of everyone.

I believe that you are the expert in your own internal world, and you are the only person who can decide what the meaning of your life is, and how you choose to live it. I don't offer advice, but instead, hope to provide a warm and welcoming environment, free from judgement, where we can work together to overcome or become reconciled with whatever it is you're facing. 

Counselling can be useful for anyone who wishes to develop a deeper sense of who they are and what they need. We can all at one time or another, find ourselves facing challenges, which may make us feel overwhelmed and powerless. By working together, we can find or build upon your existing resources. These then become firm foundations for healing and new ways for you to move forward.


"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."

Carl Rogers

My location

My practice is based in Northallerton, North Yorkshire and is easily accessible from the surrounding areas, such as Thirsk. I also see clients from my therapy rooms just outside Harrogate.

Fees & availability

I offer a free online 20 minute introductory session, without obligation. Any questions or concerns can also be made by email. 

I offer a rate of £45 per 50 minute session. I offer concessions to low income clients, and students. Outdoor therapy is charged at £50 for a 60 minute session.

I require 48 hours notice of cancellation, otherwise you will still need to pay for sessions missed. I accept payment by bank transfer.

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions.

My work is regularly supervised. I am committed to attending a wide range of training and development workshops, to ensure my professional practice remains safe, effective, ethical, and up to date

"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become."

Carl Jung

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how counselling works, or to arrange an initial assessment appointment. This enables us to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to counselling, whether it could be helpful for you, and whether I am the right counsellor to help.

You can call me or message me on WhatsApp: 07874012288.

Email enquiries at

I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

I will endeavour to answer your enquiry as soon as possible, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services.


What is person-centred counselling?

If you’d like to find out more about person centred counselling, please click here.

What happens in counselling?

Counselling offers a space to share, without judgement. Together, we will go on a journey of increasing self-knowledge for you. You can begin to think about what changes you might like to make, as you discover more self-compassion.

As a person-centred counsellor, my aim is to provide the core conditions of empathy, unconditional positive regard, and congruence. The counselling relationship allows you to move forward towards valuing your true self, and your increasing self-acceptance allows you to feel more able to be who you really are, and to live in a way that feels more meaningful and happy for you.

If you would like to find out more please, click here

How many sessions will I need?

This will be up to you. As we regularly review your sessions together, you will naturally know what’s best for you, and if you are ready to end counselling, or to put a pause on it. Therapy is most effective when attended at regular intervals, typically either weekly, or fortnightly, but please feel free to discuss your individual requirements.

How confidential will our sessions be?

Confidentiality is a fundamental part of counselling. It is the basis for a successful therapeutic relationship, between you and your counsellor. Confidentiality allows you to feel safe, and free to open up and be honest.

However, there are circumstances where total confidentiality isn’t possible, such as disclosures about serious self-harm or harm to others, and there are certain other legal situations where I would be obliged to break confidentiality, if a disclosure of risk occurred. I would only share information to protect you, or others around you, and generally, only after we have had an opportunity to discuss this together.

What if I need a special type of counselling?

Our initial 20 minute consultation or first counselling session is a chance for you to learn more about counselling, and the type of therapy I offer. We also regularly review your sessions together, and if you feel you might like to try another type of therapy, we can explore what that might be, so you can find out what works best for you.

What form will the sessions take?

I offer a variety of options for sessions:

Remote counselling

This can be either on the telephone or online, and is a useful option since it can save travel time to sessions, and is accessible from anywhere in the UK. I offer telephone counselling using a landline, mobile, or via Whatsapp. Video counselling is available using Whatsapp, Zoom, Teams, or GoogleMeets. You will need a quiet, confidential space for both types of remote counselling, and access to the internet if you choose the online video option. If you would like to know more about online therapy please click here for more information.

Face-to-face appointments

These happen in either my practice rooms based just outside Harrogate, or at The Wellness Centre in Northallerton. There is ample parking at both locations, with wheelchair access at the Harrogate location. Face-to-face appointments also happen in outdoor therapy sessions – please see my Walk and Talk section for more information



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